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We're passionate about creating a space on the internet for you to come and read and learn about everything around interior design. There are so many creative and inspirational people in the world that do not get enough exposure either because they are too busy or just unlucky. This is who we are trying to help.

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Inspirational Interior

We provide an insight into the world of interior design from the perspective of many people from very different backgrounds. We love to present inspirational works of art that have been accomplished in peoples homes or business

Inspirational Exterior

Architects, exterior designers and landscape specialists have created works of art all over the world and we want to showcase that work and that of our own. From exotic gardens to modern architecture we cover it all and would love to see your work

Home Staging

Did you know that real estate agents stage rooms in a house so that viewers can get a better feel for the home as it would be when occupied. This is because an empty cold house can seem uninviting and doing this will definitely help sell the home

"If you love something it will work. That`s the only real rule."

Smash Design

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy."