Norman Bel Geddes in Lemon Yellow

Nov 08, 12 Norman Bel Geddes in Lemon Yellow

A native of Michigan, Norman Bel Geddes was born in 1893. He landed in New York City in 1918 ready to design stages and sets for Hollywood and Broadway. Fast forward 9 years later and he put his finger into industrial design, by opening a studio that produced various cocktail shakers to medallions. He also took his designs into the future, by creating a teardrop concept car and the Art Deco House of Tomorrow.

He worked for various other companies in the automotive, furnishing and computer technologies, helping establish a sleek aerodynamic style that is still emulated today. After years of hard work and innovative design, 1958 marked his last year on this earth. His design aesthetic has rippled into future generations and is highly regarded in the design world.

In this case we are looking at a lemon yellow bedroom set. A dresser with chrome and bakelite details, made in metal. A nice little bedside table in the same style, as well two twin bed frames. The frames could be set together and therefore a larger bed could be accommodated. Mirror on the headboards.


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